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Careers Department, 2018

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At Burnside High School we have career development for every student, at every year level, every year.

To manage their own career pathway, a student first needs to know about themselves, explore the opportunities that are available, then make a decision and act on it. These skills are known as the career management competencies. Career development recognises that students build these competencies over time. In the Careers Department we have a schoolwide programme that allows us to work with every student. During the year the focus of our interviews is:

Year 13 - know yourself, explore opportunities, decide and act

Year 12 - know yourself, explore opportunities, (and for some students, decide and act)

Year 11 - know yourself, focus on NCEA, career activity

Year 10 - know yourself, focus on learning

Year 9 - know yourself

Year 13

Year 13 students have an individual 20 minute interview during Term 1. We review academic progress, set academic goals, discuss potential career pathways and tertiary institutions students are considering, and offer additional assistance for career decision making by way of STAR funded courses, work exploration, Gateway, Ara Taster days, tertiary open days, lectures and seminars. Year 13 students also have weekly careers information at Senior Assemblies during Terms 1 and 2. Tertiary liaison staff give a brief overview of what each institution offers; then students choose to attend a more detailed follow-up session at lunchtime. During Term 3 tertiary liaison staff return for course planning sessions with students.

Year 12

Year 12 students have an individual 15 minute interview during Term 2. We review academic progress, set academic goals, and discuss possible career ideas - with an emphasis on career development NOT career decision-making. Additional assistance for career decision making by way of STAR funded courses, work exploration, Ara Taster days, tertiary open days, lectures and seminars, or Gateway is offered. There is also a short discussion on possible subject choice for the following year, ensuring these align with each student’s current ideas for the future.

Year 11

Year 11 students are seen via a class visit. There are four focal points: understanding NCEA and their progress to date, setting a realistic academic goal, a simple career activity that suggests a range of pathways that may be relevant, and a brief overview of subject selection for Year 12. Following the class session, individual written feedback about subject choice is given to each student from the HOD Careers.

Year 10

During Term 3 the Careers team sees the Year 10 students for a brief, individual interview. Our focus is on the competency know yourself, and particularly on learning. If a student is clear as to what type of learner they are, they can then use the best strategies to enhance their learning. Our aim is to help prepare students for NCEA the following year.

Year 9

During Term 4 the Careers team sees the Year 9 students for a brief, individual interview. This focuses on the competency know yourself. We talk about learning strengths, the subjects where students are having success, learning barriers and how to overcome them. We encourage students to get involved, and stay involved, in the life of the school.

Careers Events in 2018

We take all Year 12 and 13 students to the Careers Expo in May, accompanied by their teachers, the Careers team, the Divisional Head Deans and Divisional Principals. The Expo provides students with a fantastic opportunity to meet face-to-face with tertiary providers from throughout New Zealand, employers and relevant government agencies.

This year many of our students benefitted from events organised by the University of Canterbury including: Information Evening, Open Day, Year 10 Ekea!, Year 12 Ekea!, Law Day, Criminal Justice Day, Women in Leadership breakfast.

A good number of Year 9-11 female students participated in the ShadowTech for Girls Day. This event, to inspire girls into technology, is run by Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Gateway Programme

Burnside High School was funded by TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) for 49 students to take part in Gateway: a combination of sustained work placement and associated course work. It is an additional element of each participating student’s school year, allowing a wide range of students to consider Gateway during the course of the year. Through the programme students develop a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills required for future employment in their chosen field.

This year Gateway students explored industries including aviation, plumbing, electrical, sound engineering and youth work. Five students completed a 1-week Radio Broadcasting course in the July school holidays, before a 6-week work exploration. Five students gained an internationally-recognised qualification as a swim coach instructor; four of whom gained part-time work coaching; while two used the opportunity to help secure a place with Camp USA in 2019. 

In the second week of the April school holidays, five students attended the Waiheke Island Culture Camp, where the focus was on Māori culture and adventure tourism. The students involved: Amelia MacDonald, Briar Gillies, Maia Te Whetu, Rui Wihongi and Ofa Puleiku reported that the experience gave them greater connection with their culture and that they had grown personally from participating in the camp. Amelia and Ofa have recently been selected as Head Students for 2019.

Often Gateway students impress their employers well-enough to gain employment. This year Gateway students gained 3 apprenticeships, 2 full-time jobs and 13 part-time jobs.

STAR Programme

Many senior students at Burnside High School take school-based courses that have Secondary Tertiary Alignment (STAR) funding attached. There is also money set aside for students to complete short courses that are relevant to a chosen career pathway, or that help with career decisions. In 2018, 175 Year 11-13 students completed courses in:

3D Animation

Art and Design





Computer Animated Design

Computer Science


Customer Service

Digital Graphic Design

Dive Ticket

Dangerous Goods Endorsement


Film Production

First Aid Certificate

Flight Attendant


Game Art Development


Learner’s Licence

Makeup Artistry








Te Reo

STP Programme

This year 13 students participated in a Secondary Tertiary Partnership (STP) programme. These students spent part of each week offsite, learning career related skills in: Automotive and Engineering Level 2, Electrical - Manufacturing and Tech Trade Level 2, Retail, Business and Administration Level 2, Beauty Therapy and Salon Skills Level 2, Animal Care Level 2, Construction and Infrastructure Level 2, NZ Certificate in Business Level 3, Construction Trades Level 3.

One of the students, Scott Rance of 12SBYS, was awarded the prize for Top Student in Construction Trades Level 3; and has since gained an apprenticeship which he will begin in 2019.

Nine of the 13 STP students enrolled for full-time study next year at Ara Institute of Canterbury or the National Trade Academy. Three students are returning to school, with two participating in STP again as Year 13 students.

These programmes operate on a first come, first served basis. We already have 28 students confirmed for STP in 2019 (compared with 8 at the same time last year).

If you would like to know more about any of the programmes offered through the Careers Department, please contact Sammy Winward, Careers Administrator, in the first instance: wns@burnside.school.nz or telephone 03 358 8383 extension 870.

We look forward to working with the students in 2019.

The Careers Team

Jacqui Doogan, HOD Careers

Racheal Mountstevens, Gateway Co-ordinator

Nic Brown, STAR and STP Assistant

Sammy Winward, Careers Administrator