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Photo by Jon Land

A big thank you to our 2022 Burnside Leaders

Jon Land —

Three hundred and twenty students took a leadership role in Years 9 to 11 and made a wonderful contribution to the school.

A very fine group of students helped us to make Burnside High School a better place to be this year. Each form class in years 9 to 11 had leaders to co-ordinate cultural, sporting, environmental and social events. They are a great help to Form Teachers and are a group of student who on a daily basis demonstrate the values we hold dear at the school. Our Leaders were a crucial element of the school's familiarisation day for students who will be joining us from local intermediate schools in 2023. They did a wonderful job in representing us and in guiding our new students around our extensive campus. Many of our Year 11 Leaders will now move on to Prefect positions in Year 12 and we wish them all the very best for 2023. A special shout out to Rhys Holyoake in Year 9 who  took the skills he learnt this year and organised  a Theatre Sports competition for the school in Term four. Much appreciated and enjoyed.