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Photo by Sally-Ann Goodman

Yr13 hit the stage!

Miss K Oliver —

In 1935 Maycomb Alabama, racial tensions are running high. A black man named Tom Robinson is on trial for his life after being accused of raping a white girl. This is the plot of the Y13 Drama students' performance of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which was performed in the Aurora Center at the end of this term. 

The play is an adaptation of Harper Lee’s famous novel which explores the journey of a young girl named Scout as she learns about the world, and how to stand in others shoes and “consider things from his point of view.” The subject matter was challenging at times, and for some this was their first time on stage in a full length production. 

During the course of putting on the play we encountered many problems, however everyone worked hard to overcome these issues. The success of this play shows the dedication of many talented young actors and actresses who are committed to their craft. 

The lead role of Scout Finch was shared by Tahlia Conrad-Hinga and Kaitlyn Cooper and the role of Atticus Finch was shared by Spencer Knight and Felix Elliot. The play was directed by Anita Mapukata, Isabella Peacock-Price and Phoebe Thompson. Y13 drama would like to acknowledge the support and hard work of the tech crew, and thank you to all the friends and families who came to support us.