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Photo by Katerina Papageorgiou

Junior TheatreSports 2019

Katerina Papageorgiou —

The Drama department is super proud of the nine Year 9 and 10 students who participated in this year's competition

The Drama department has been proudly running Theatresports every year, and each year teams of Senior and Junior students compete against other schools in Terms 3 and 4. Theatresports is an Improvisation competition created by The Court Theatre and it helps students develop valuable life skills such as quick thinking, among others.

On Sunday 3rd Novermber Rangi Ruru Girls' High School hosted the Junior Competition heats. Two Junior teams from Burnside High school competed in two separate heats. During the weekend there were five heats and the winners from each heat would compete at the Final. Although we didn't reach the final (one team got very very close second place), the experience was invaluable and the students had an unforgettable time.  Out of the nine students, only one had experienced Theatresports before, but all nine have declared that they will be back for next year and they are hoping to see many new Year 9 students joining after motivating them to do so on Year 8 Familiarisation Day on 1st November in Aurora Centre. 

Over 500 Year 8 students spent a day at the school in order to become familiar with their future environment, also had the pleasure  to watch the Junior teams perform a couple of games for them on stage, and witnessed the fun these students have while preparing for the annual competition. 

Well done to all participants for their bravery, their spirit and inclusive attitude. See you all next year!