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Student Librarians
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Zip! Bang! Flash! 2018 has been – and almost gone.

Ms Stanley-Boden —

Through these last four terms, students and staff have been busily (and sometimes quietly!) coming into the Library for reading, study and relaxation.

. In fact, once again, over 200,000 pairs of feet have come in through our front doors. Many books have been issued, information sites searched for, assignments completed (and printed) and friendships cemented in here during the year.

It’s been great to see the Library eBook and eAudiobook collection growing and being used more and more by students. From a few dozen issues in 2017 over 2000 e-resources have been issued so far for 2018 and the beauty of this online collection is that it is available throughout the summer break as well! Go online to browse and issue books here – Wheelers BHS ePlatform or go on the links through the Library webpage. You can sign in with your BHS student number and password.

Our Library wouldn’t work as well as it does without all the wonderful helpers each year:

· Each interval and lunchtime teams of Student Librarians assist students, issue books and help keep the Library ship-shape. Each daily team is run by a Team leader or leaders and student work hard to complete training goals in Librarianship as well as helping out.

· Daily volunteers from our parent community shelve books each morning – freeing the Librarians to be available to help students and classes and complete other Library work. We are very grateful for their help.

It’s great to see so many people using and enjoying the Library each week – thank you to students and staff from the Librarians – Ms Stanley-Boden, Mrs Boardman, Mrs Grinter and Mrs Wilson.