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Grad Cert
Photo by Bernadette Shaw

Year 13 Graduation and Prize-Giving 2019

Mr Robertson —

Graduation is an opportunity to recognise the satisfactory completion of five years of secondary school education for many of our students.

The Graduation Ceremony was held at The Town Hall on Thursday 31st October and also encompassed the traditional Senior Prize-Giving for Year 13 students.

Students were read in Form Class groups by their Form Teachers and had the opportunity to receive their awards in front of their very proud family and friends.

Three levels of Graduation Diploma were awarded:

· GRADUATION DIPLOMA, for those meeting the basic requirements.

· GRADUATION DIPLOMA WITH MERIT, for those comfortably exceeding the basic requirements and gaining Excellence in one or two of their subjects.

· GRADUATION DIPLOMA WITH DISTINCTION, for those excelling in the basic requirements and receiving Excellence in three or more subjects or placed First in one or more of their subjects.