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Rory Humm —

Another year of Malestrom and the brotherhood of the choir is still as strong as ever and has exceeded expectations once again.

The year started as extravagant as ever with 72 boys ranging from year 9-13 students. The boys enjoyed and were extremely grateful for the choral workshop with the world class choral clinician Dr Jo-Michael Scheibe which brought us closer together as a choir and tightened our sound. The workshop and the evening concert was the first time we had performed in a concert setting for the year. This workshop and concert broaden our knowledge about singing together and made us more confident singing to our fullest.

Since 2015 Malestrom has heavily focused on barbershop music and have been national champions in the Young Singers in Harmony barbershop chorus competition in 2015 and 2016. Malestrom didn't compete last year as we and the other Burnside high choirs went on the choral tour so we were extremely excited to get back into the barbershop competition this year. Again we idolised the Westminster chorus who many of us were lucky enough to see and have a workshop with last year we were coming back to the competition more knowledgeable of barbershop than ever before. A definite highlight was competing in this year's Young Singers in Harmony barbershop chorus competition when we became national champions once again. We were awarded the score of 79.5 which places us 24th in the world at open class level. This was such an amazing reward for the hard work we had put in all year.

From many new year 9s being tenors at the start of the year to many of their voices changing and putting them into the baritone section we have grown as a family once again. Thank you to each and every Malestrom member for their dedication to the choir for making this year as amazing as ever.

I'm sure Malestrom would agree when I say that Ravil Atlas our director has put everything into making us what we are and who we are, guiding us not only as members of the choir but also young men, growing us as a brotherhood and showing us the joys of music.