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Level 2 and 3 Sports Leadership Ki o Rahi Tournament

Aliyah Prendergast —

On the 27th of September, the Year 12 and 13 Sports Leadership classes held a Ki O Rahi Tournament for the students of Cobham Intermediate.

It was an enjoyable day for all of those involved. The year 13 students were in charge of coaching the Year 8 students from Cobham Intermediate, spending 10 weeks teaching the rules of Ki O Rahi and building their skills for the games. The year 12s were in charge of refereeing the tournament, organising the draw, timekeeping and emceeing the day so it was a pretty full on day. The weather was not the best and we had a few incidents where the tent flew away which was really funny but everyone pulled through and did the best they could no matter how cold they were. We had minimal injury except for one girl who came up to me and asked for a plaster for her friend.

The day started with the Year 12s meeting at 8am to start the field set up and this was a big task so we needed all hands on deck. Then the Year 12s went to where they needed to to organise themselves and their groups for a full on day of refereeing. The Cobham students arrived around 9am and they sat on the field for a quick wee briefing about how the day was run and where the toilets were and what the emergency evacuation processes are and all that fun stuff. The games began at 9:40. It was a full on day of games for the Cobham students finishing at 1:50pm for the finals and this was played between Vanessa's team and Chenaes team. It was a very close game but Vanessa's team came out victorious. We then had a prize giving ceremony where we handed out the prizes for first and second and then each coach announced who they chose as their player of the day and you could feel that it was a super supportive environment because when a player would get called out, all of the Cobham students would cheer and clap as loudly as they could. That was the end of the day for the Cobham students and the Year 13s, but not for the Year 12s. We were in charge of pack up and ground check and we didn’t finish that until 3pm.

This day would not have gone as smoothly without the help from the excellent teachers that helped us organise everything and taught us the skills that we needed to provide the Cobham kids with an experience that they will never forget so massive shout out to Ms Phillips, Mrs Townsend, Mr Ryburn and Mr Taylor, without them this day would have been a mess. Also extra shout out to Mrs Townsend for providing the cheese scones they were extra tasty.

Aliyah Prendergast