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Photo by Donna Lee

13 Tourism Field Trip - Akaroa

Donna Lee —

Ahoy there! The Year 13 Tourism classes experienced a fabulous day out on the Blackcat vessel in Akaroa Harbour.

During Term One students studied New Zealand as a Tourism Destination. This was a great opportunity to visit Akaroa to experience firsthand the growth of tourism and consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of this industry.

To begin with, we visited the Akaroa Museum attraction to gain some insight on the history of Tourism in this area. As one of the information boards stated - "Tourism is the DNA of Akaroa." In the late 1830's it was a port for French whalers to rest and replenish supplies. By the 1850's Akaroa was being described as 'the fashionable watering place'. For Victorian and Edwardian visitors, the maritime climate, gentle harbour, and rugged landscape lent Akaroa a resort identity".

Fast forward in time and now Akaora is contending with an influx of visitors during the cruise ship season.  Students considered the types of facilities  and infrastructure provided as  a result of this tourism growth.

The Blackcat excursion showcased some of the amazing natural and cultural features that Akaora has to offer visitors. We were fortunate enough to observe a range of wildlife, including penguins, Hector's dolphins and seals; along with an array of coastal features - from blowholes to sea arches.

Local fish and chips were sampled as a late lunch and then it was time to head back to school.

Special thanks to Captain Robertson for helping out!