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Mrs C Koning —

This year 13 KNC Drama put on a production of the play Teechers a comedy written by John Godber.

 The play followed the lives of Salty (Devin Johnson), Gail(Nicole Brocherie), Hobby (Jade Harrison-Best) and their classmates through their final year of schooling in a British Comprehensive school. Initially this group of dysfunctional misfits are brought together in a Drama class. 

Over the course of the play we watch the characters learn a lot, sometimes about acting but also how to handle relationships, both very valuable life skills. The students are leaving school, and therefore mirrored this Year 13 cast. The big wide world was only weeks away. Some of the students were dying to run out of school, others were sad and others had not even realised it was about to happen. 

 The Directors Gabby Wilson and Lachlan Inwood did an excellent job in showing this to an audience that did not stop laughing. Working as an ensemble is challenging, even for the most experienced of actors. These Year 13 students  during this process learn alot about themselves and each other. It was a production to be proud of