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Our new pets
Photo by Sally Stanley-Boden

Term 1 in the Library

Sally Stanley-Boden —

We’re here, we’re not, now we’re masked bandits! What a strange term it has been. However, the Library just keeps on doing what Libraries do.

Library staff have been very impressed with the way students have been wearing masks during the term. We’ve hardly had to remind anyone about it, so, thank you everyone for caring about the health and welfare of people around you.

It really has been business as usual a lot of the time. I’ve just looked up the most popular books for the term and it’s mainly the usual suspects coming up …

Most popular books from Term 1. — Image by: Book cover images

Good to see The boy with two lives in the top five. I recommend it.

Having fewer students at school each day has meant the Library Staff have been able to get well on with preparing new books for the shelves. Here’s just a few of the new ones you might like to grab after the holidays.  Come in and look at our New Books shelf for more top reads when we come back.

A good girl’s guide to murder series. Third book in the series - As good as dead - and this is as good as the first two. If you haven’t tried this series by Holly Jackson you’re missing out. You can get the first two as eBooks.

Kalynn Bayron has burst onto the YA writing scene. Cinderella is dead was one of the most popular US books for the end of 2021. Two black teens fall in love and together destroy the Patriarchy! Go you good girls! eBook available also - you'll need to reserve it.

Full of action, funny, easy to read. What’s not to love. We’ve got 3 of Anh Do’s popular E-Boy books now. The first E-Boy is available as an eBook also!

Heartstopper is fast becoming the most popular series in NZ high schools. Graphic novel with a great storyline. 4 books in the series so far … these will go out fast. We have two related novellas available as eBooks.

Best April Fools’ trick ever!!

Juniors had a great surprise a couple of Fridays ago. We sent a note inviting them to come in and see our new Library pets during the morning tea and lunch breaks. Promising cute and fluffy, they came to see…

   ... unfortunately Wills and Harry were feeling shy so they didn’t come out to see the eager students.

Sorry about the trick everyone who was hoping for puppies - it was April 1st after all. If you missed this have a look at the photos below. Yes, we really would love to have some Library puppies - we’ll see what we can arrange.

In the meantime - my favourite was the boy who was so disappointed that the tarantulas weren’t real! (Me too!)

If you’re looking for a holiday read and didn’t make it in to pick up a load of books, try an eBook or eAudiobook from our Wheelers ePlatform. https://burnside.eplatform.co/ Log in with your student number and password.

Remember also, there are links to research and study sites through the Library webpage.  Have a look if you're wanting some help with study over the holidays.  http://opac.burnside.school.nz:2000/#!dashboard 

Have a great holiday break everyone. I hope you all keep well and come back next term feeling revived and ready to read!

Happy holidays from Ms Boden, Mrs Boardman, Mrs Grinter and Mrs Wilson.