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Photo by Charlotte Ensor

Bad Jelly the Witch

Charlotte Ensor —

The Drama Club brought a fun-filled show to primary school students and families across two performances.

On October 13 and 14, the Drama Club performed an adaptation of the Spike Milligan radio play: Bad Jelly the Witch. On Tuesday there was an audience of over 200 primary school students from Westburn and Christ the King schools, brought by their teachers for an afternoon of music and fun. On Wednesday evening the audience was made up of families and friends, including several younger members who got to enjoy the action up close!

This positive experience for both performers and audience was brought about from several months of rehearsal that allowed students to explore their theatrical sides. The Drama Club is an all-comers group run every Friday lunchtime, and many members may not have performed on stage like this before, so congratulations to them and the staff that helped for such a successful production!