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Key messages for students - Red Level

Burnside High School —

We all need to be mindful of and respectful of our current situation and it is important that we continue to look after ourselves and each other. We have been here before and we will do it again!

It is really important that we keep everyone safe and healthy and remind ourselves of the following guidelines. The key messages for us to maintain a safe environment for everyone are:

  • Stay home if you are sick.

  • If you show any symptoms of covid-19 isolate yourself and get tested, if you do not have symptoms simply continue as normal, with sensible hygiene practices. Contact Health-line for all advice. Let the school know if you are self-isolating or become a case

  • Observe good hygiene practices - Cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid touching your face.

  • Masks are compulsory inside the school buildings. A mask must be a type that attaches to the head through an ear loop or a head loop. Bandanas, scarves or t-shirts pulled up are no longer acceptable. Mask wearing at school is a legal requirement - please come prepared with a mask.

  • You should wash your hands or use hand sanitiser at the start of each lesson. There will be hand sanitiser in class but we are asking that you bring your own if possible.

  • Please bring all equipment and charged devices with you. Please take home your devices and work in case you have to isolate. No sharing of devices or phones. You will need to bring water bottles filled. The canteen is available. There is hot water for noodles. We would like you to stay away from congregating in locker areas.

  • You must walk onto the school site. We cannot have parents or caregivers dropping off students on the school site. This is for contact tracing reasons. Please think about how you will get to school. Drop offs should be away from the main entrance and you can walk in. Drop off points can be: Memorial Avenue - pedestrian gate will be open. Greers Road along Jellie Park area or before the skate park. Guildford Street gate will be open. Grahams Road walkway. Please be aware that buses may have reduced capacity, check with the operators.

  • Don't greet each other by touching or hugging. There should be daylight between you and other people. You should be far enough away from each other so that you are not breathing on or touching each other.

  • You are responsible for your own personal contact tracing. In class we have attendance registers so know who is in each class. During breaks and lunch you should keep a note of who you were in close contact with. ( use your phone/diary for this) Close contact is defined as within 2 metres for 15 minutes or longer. This does not mean that you need to record who is in front of you on the stairway when moving around as it will be less than 15 minutes. You will also need to keep a record of how you get to and from school, particularly if you travel by bus. The key things to note are:

    • Where you were

    • When you were with them

    • Who you were with

  • Junior classes will be released 10 minutes early at the end of Period 5 to reduce congestion.

  • There will be no bells to signal lesson change. This means that classes will be released from rooms at slightly varying times to reduce congestion. There will be a bell prior to the start of period 3 Period 5.

  • Keep left - in the flow around the school keep to the left hand side and keep a distance from the person in front of you. Take your time. Teachers will know that the flow of students to class will be slower.

  • If you have Physical Education period 1 or 2 you can arrive at school in your PE gear during red. You will need to bring your normal uniform to change into.

  • Student office - only one student at a time. Spacing and sanitiser on entry, payment is by card.

  • Year 11 students continue to study at home on Wednesday period 1 unless attending a tutorial.

  • There will be no assemblies in the Aurora Centre, on your Division’s normal assembly day go directly to your form room for form time.

Schools are safe places to be. Different people react in different ways and you may be anxious. If we all stick to the rules people will feel good about being at school. Be kind to each other. Remember that support for you is available from your Divisional Team if you need it.

He waka eke noa. We are all in this together.