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Photo by Callum Green

Year 10 Problem Based Learning Showcase

Callum Green —

After just over a month of work, students showcased their Problem Based Learning (PBL) to parents and caregivers on the 4th of July.

On the 4th of July all parents/caregivers of Year 10 students were invited to J block for the annual PBL showcase. All Year 10 students had been undertaking the PBL work since late May in their Social Studies classes. This was the 4th year that a showcase has taken place. Over 100 parents/caregivers RSVP'd and J block was a hive of activity. Not only was it an opportunity for parents/caregivers to see their son/daughter's work, it was an opportunity for Year 10 students to see each other's work. The effort and thinking that had taken place leading up to this event is a credit to many students. Many parents and teachers commented that some of these solution based ideas could be made into a business in the future! 

It is always great to get parents/caregivers into the school to explore what students are doing in class. Thanks to members of the senior leadership team (including Mr Holstein) for coming to have a look at the great presentations. Thanks to all the Year 10 Social Studies teachers for their efforts with their classes over the last month or so.