Hero photograph
L to R: Blaithan Altenburg, William Wray and Yuma Guerin
Photo by Rebecca O'Loughlin

ARA Year 11 Chemistry Competition

Rebecca O'Loughlin —

On the 19th October we had a team of Year 11 Science students participate in the annual ARA Year 11 Chemistry Competition.

The team consisting of Yuma Guerin, William Wray and Blaithan Altenburg had to carry out three tasks over a sixty minute period. The first task required them to complete a reading around climate change and then put forward an argument for a government response and an individual response. Task two was using chemical tests to identify six unknown white solid chemicals and the last task was using further chemical tests to identify six unknown colourless solutions.  This is a big ask to complete all activities in only sixty minutes.  The team did really well dividing up the tasks and scoring full marks on task two and three to come a very close second place (only 4 points in it!).  Congratulations on a fantastic result!