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Jellie Park

Burnside High School Swimming Sports

William Boyd —

Jellie Park - Wednesday 02 March

This event was held under covid restrictions at Jellie Park Pool. Participants had to be vaccinated for this event. Year 9/10 was held first which was then followed by seniors. All races were 2 lengths and swimmers could choose to enter Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly or Freestyle events.


YEAR 9 BOYS (Gardiner Cup)

1ST Soomin Song 9WWTA 

2ND Ensar Durdyev 9SWRK 

3RD Alex Gibson 9WPEC 

YEAR 9 GIRLS (Clarks Rosebowl)

1ST Ava Renner 9WJCN

2ND Junie Chang 9NMCA

3RD Lanica Schnetler 9SWRK

YEAR 10 BOYS (Burnside Cup)

1ST Hamish Inwood 10NSMT 

2ND Cameron Long 10NMRC

3RD Hamish Giddens 10NMRC 

YEAR 10 GIRLS (Reynolds Cup)

1ST Katie Horton 10WMNS

 2ND Kate Dawson 10SGLS

3RD Christina Ye 10WMNS

YEAR 11 BOYS (GR Rough Cup) 

1ST= Ray Suzuki 11SDAE 

Luke McCallum 11NMDT

3RD Harry Renner 11WLJJ 

YEAR 11 GIRLS (Burnside Cup)

1ST Stacey Morgan 11WWAJ

2ND Shoka Ito 11SESM

3RD Xenia Prince 11NTEM

YEAR 12 BOYS (Ross Family Cup) 

1ST Woojin Song 12WRIC 

2ND Jack Guillemot 12SDES 

YEAR 12 GIRLS (Ross Family Cup)

1ST Maddy Horton 12WHGM

2ND Hanna Bartneck 12NHLC

3RD Ella Warren 12SCTH

YEAR 13 BOYS (Cliff Cup)

1ST Oliver Heaton 13GMT

2ND Alex Tuhuru 13CHL 

3RD Mark Chang 13 SRT 

YEAR 13 GIRLS (Linda Robert Cup)

 1ST Josiane Hill 13ABJ

2ND Kyung-min Cho 13SRT