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Special Award Winners
Photo by Adam Hodgson

Music Awards 2022

Charlotte Ensor —

Celebrating the achievements and dedication of our multi-talented music students

On Tuesday, October 25th, the Aurora Centre was filled with music and applause to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2022 music students.

The night began with a performance by the Senior Contemporary Band. The ceremony then included performances from the multi-award-winning Jazz Combo: Chicks from Corea. The night also included inspirational addresses by our Principal, Mr Phil Holstein, and BHS Alumni (now world-renowned bassist), Hamish Smith, who recorded a heartfelt message from his home in New York.

Certificates were awarded for Service to Music (based on a minimum of two years continued involvement in an ensemble or a leadership role) and Achievement in Music (based on awards earned in competitions etc. throughout 2022). With the year finally including most of the contests and events that were planned, there was an impressive total of 232 students awarded on the night.

Congratulations to all staff and students of the music department on a successful 2022!

Roll of Honour
Awarded for acceptance into a national ensemble

Caspar Adams - NZSSSO
Dylan Blundell - CYJO
Alfie Buttle - NZSSSO
Jack Buttle - NZSSSO
Luca Cable - NYBB
Tor Chiles - NYO, NZSSSO
Peter Croker - CYJO, NZSSSO, National Secondary School Brass Band
Jonny Croker - National Secondary School's Development Band
Lucas de Groot-Tsuji - NYO, NZSSSO
Monika Duncan - National Secondary School Brass Band
Huey Duncan - National Secondary School's Development Band
Pip Goomes - CYJO
Bella Hopkins - NZSSC
Alun James - NZSSSO
Althea James - NZSSSO
Isolde Johnson - CYJO
Dylan Jonkers - CYJO
William Kao - CYJO
Lena Krakowiak - NZSSSO
Caleb Langford - NZSSSO
Ben MacDonald - NZSSSO
Charlotte Panckhurst - NZSSSO
Daniel Ross - National Secondary School's Development Band
Monet Schutte - CYJO
Matthew Seinafo - NZSSSO
Nanami Shibata - National Seconday School's Brass Band
Cameron Smillie - NZSSSO
Sho Woodhouse - NYO, NYBB
Jacob Mullen - CYJO

Special Awards

Dylan Jonkers - The Fiona McKay Cup for Vocal Performance and The Principal's Cup for Composition
Emma Gibson and Sung Woo Han - The Principal's Trophy for Excellence in Contemporary or Commercial Music
Emily Zhang - The Jean Cumming Cup for Contribution to Choral Music
Oscar Chin - The Mary Travers Award for Performance Music
Lena Krakowiak - The 1976 School Council Cup for Contribution to Instrumental Music
Althea James - The 1976 School Council Cup for Contribution to Music
Dylan Blundell and Sho Woodhouse - The Smokefree Cup for Leadership and the Peter Rowe Cup for Musicianship