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Photo by Sally-Ann Goodman

BHS EVolocity Team 2018 win

Mr J Creighton —

What is EVolocity and how is Burnside involved in it?

EVolocity is a nationwide series of competitions that are centred around creating a future living on renewable electricity. There is a high school competition where students are set the challenge of attempting to build their very own electric vehicle, they are encouraged to make as much of their vehicle from recycled materials as possible.

The competition is split into multiple categories and then into two different power groups. The separate categories have different challenges that test our vehicles -  these are Drag Race, Street Circuit, Economy Run, Rolling Resistance, Show/Design, Engineering, Stopping Distance, Motor Controller Design and the Innovation Challenge. The two different power groups are around how powerful the motor is. The first is the Standard Category which is mainly for the teams which are using the supplied 350w motor from the EVolocity Group. The second group is the Open Category which are vehicles using 350w+ up to 1000w (1kw) motors. These two different groups are then split into bikes or karts (3+ wheels).

At the EVolocity Regional competition on the 22nd of September 2018, the Burnside teams won  across the Standard and Open Classes, with teams winning the Drag Race, Rolling Resistance, Economy Run, Innovation and the Gymkhana events. All teams had a great day and learned a lot about the competition. We are looking forward to Nationals at the end of the year.