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Year 13 FrenchAu revoir et bonne chance

'French Immersion Day on the 21st of June was fantastique!

S. Boyle —

This year’s theme of the event was 'Musique'.

Throughout the event, we were immersed in various activities to deepen our knowledge of French culture. We listened to and competed in Kahoot games and countless activities to find out the deeper meaning within a few songs. Our students were continuously striving to excel by interacting with others in French - focusing on discussing our opinions on music. Additionally, we ate French pastry treats - ils étaient délicieux! We were also given a chance to play ‘Petanque’ - a traditional French game, similar to Boules.

However, we all agree that the highlight of the event would’ve been la danse. Before the event, we were given the time to learn the lyrics and moves to a song called ‘Cosmo’ by Soprano - an upbeat song that celebrates unity and peace. Everyone’s favourite line was ‘Montre moi comme tu es, ce soir est un jour de paix!’ - which translates to ‘Show me how you are, tonight is a day of peace!’. Below is the footage of the dance.

Immersion day is always a fun event to look forward to each year. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet and work alongside so many students who share a passion for French.'

Merci beaucoup et bonne journée!



My experience this year with the French exchange

Written by Emma Burton

This year, I have had the privilege to be part of the French exchange. A couple of months before our correspondents arrived, we were matched with them and able to contact them via email or Instagram. Leading up to meeting them in real life for the first time, I was very nervous because I was worried that it might be awkward or we wouldn’t get along, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth! It was an amazing experience, to be able to meet someone from a totally different culture to our own, and to know how different our lives may be on opposite sides of the world. With Inès living with us for 6 weeks, we became very close and made many memories that I know I will never forget. I am excited to travel to Paris in December and see her again! 

Going to “Maison de Crepe” with everyone from french class in the holidays.  — Image by: Bernadette Shaw
We took Inès to a Crusaders rugby match!
We went to Queenstown in the holidays and went on the “TSS Earnslaw.”