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Photo by Duncan Bond

Year 11 Geography in the field

Duncan Bond —

The Year 11 cohort of Geographers had an enjoyable and deep learning experience around the Port Hills, Lyttelton and Corsair Bay.

The purpose of these field trips was to deepen our students' experience of their local region, see key geographic concepts in action and sharpen their skills. The students first stop was around Lyttelton where students got to see the recovery of the seaside town from the February earthquake. They explored the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities brought by the earthquake and the future plans around crowd funding and moving the port. 

The next stop was the Port Hills by the Christchurch Gondola. Students got a chance to practise their mapping skills in the actual setting of the map. They enjoyed the chance to take in the rugged natural environment as well as chartering the change to the region through the time tunnel. There was also time for a visit to to the cafe where many students enhanced the commercial sustainability of Red Rocks Cafe. 

The last stop was at Corsair Bay. This was where students competed in a 3D sand modeling contest where they had to build an island to explicit instructions. Much debate was had between students about the instructions and the role of the incoming tide on their creations.  It was difficult to judge between such excellent creations by the students. 

Lots of thanks to Ms Lee, Mrs Brouwer and Mr Bond as the Geography teachers. We would also like to thank those teachers who gave up their valuable time to accompany the classes on the trip, Mr McBrearty, Mr Green and Mr Land.