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Photo by John Watson

Physics trip to Holmes Solutions testing facility.

Mr J Watson —

On the 14th of August, Year 12 Physics students had the opportunity to engage in several engineering projects run by Holmes Solutions testing facility. The projects covered aspects of Civil engineering and Structural engineering.

Students spent an entire day working with professional engineers to gain insight on what each did as part of their occupation. Students had the following to say about their experiences:The engineering trip was very interesting and enlightening. Throughout the duration of the trip we saw what a civil engineer does on a day to day basis which included: reading plans and briefs, visiting work sites, and checking to make sure the work being done was up to standards. In my opinion the trip was a lot of fun and eye opening, since we got to see what we would be doing if we were to get into the industry and what it's all about (Adam Hamzah)

The engineering trip was an amazing experience that allowed me to deepen my understanding of an industry that I want to get into, and to see the use of physics ideas that we've covered in class at Burnside in a practical context to solve a real-world problem helped to develop my comprehension of the topics (John-Luke Langford)