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Orienteering NZSS Championships
Photo by Photolife


Mrs T Taylor —

In Term 1, we had many Orienteering events on offer around Christchurch from the PAPO Club (Peninsula and Plains Orienteers) for students to give this sport a go for the first time, and we had good interest from some new students, and some students who have already given this sport a go.

In the July school holidays, the NZ Secondary Schools’ Orienteering Championships were held in Christchurch, from 19-20 July, at both Avonside and Leithfield. We had the following students competing in this event:

Thomas James, 11SHGR

Megan Jorgensen, 10SPHC

Rosie Knight, 11SCTH

Finn McLachlan, 11NMDA

Jess Ridgway, 9WWIC

The Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Orienteering Championships were held on 15-16 September, at both South Brighton and South Burwood Forest. The following students represented Burnside High at this event:

Thomas James

Rosie Knight

Finn McLachlan

Jess Ridgway

These students gained some top placings at this event.

It is hoped that we grow this sport even more next year!