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Football 1st XI Boys
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Football - Boys 1st XI

Mustafa Rafyee —

During my three years involved in the Burnside High School 1st XI Football team, I can ensure you it was one of my highlights for each of these years.

This year I was able to lead the boys, alongside Luke Aldridge, and every Monday after school we would train as a team. 

Having a young team brought us closer as a team which played a huge role as we had a big season ahead of us. We had already set our goals from the very first training - wanting to go Nationals, make the Top 4 in the Canterbury schools' competition and lastly, to enjoy it.

It was a very interesting year for school football this year, though many teams lost a few players we still made sure we had set a standard for each team. This year we managed to come 3rd in the Canterbury schools' competition, losing in the semi-finals, and placing 22nd at Nationals. The boys put their heart and soul into each game no matter what the score was. Having my brothers alongside me while playing showed me that school football is something you enjoy and a memory you can’t forget, plus being able to go away with them for a week to Nationals. 

A big thank you to Dave Williams, Andy Bull and Graham McMann for taking care of our team this year, and training us week in and out - without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Mustafa Rafyee