Hero photograph
Photo by Bernadette Shaw

Burnside High vs Ashburton College Winter Sports Exchange

Tracy Taylor —

The Annual sports exchange was held on Tuesday 18 June.

Overall 7 wins each, but the deciding vote was the Win by Default to Burnside in Senior A Netball. So the final score was 8-7 to Burnside.

All the teams represented their respective schools with pride and passion, and once again it was fiercely contested. Ashburton College won the exchange last year 7-5, with limited sports being able to be played because of the weather/ground conditions in Ashburton. So it was great to have a perfect day in Christchurch, weather-wise, to play all the outdoor sports.

Congratulations to all participating teams and special thanks to our staff who are either Coaches/Managers/Teachers in Charge, our outside coaches and managers, and our staff and student officials.

Thank you also to Darion (ASH Sports Co-ordinator) for her fantastic organisation her end for the exchange and her team of staff from Ashburton College who travelled up.