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Photo by Bernadette Shaw


Bernadette Shaw —

Fifteen students from Ashburton College and Burnside High School recently gathered at the Burnside Campus for four days of German-taught STEM activities and exhibitions (science, technology, engineering & mathematics).

This opportunity was offered to all German-learning students from the two schools as part of the PASCH schools program through the Goethe-Institut, and was overseen by Goethe staff member Judith Geare.

The foundation of the course was laid out on the first day, Friday, where Bianca Violet and Philipp Legner from Imaginary introduced the students to several computer programs based on fractals and polynomial graphing. From there the students were set free to think up their own exhibition projects and take them from paper sketches to reality over the next three days.

Ideas ranged from metre-tall double pendulums to intricate optical illusions, something from every aspect of the STEM curriculum.

The exhibits will be set up for viewing at the Burnside High School library until the end of Term 1 and then will travel down to Ashburton to allow all interested students (and keen maths teachers) to view, learn and interact.