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Photo by Cheneen Whelpton

Year 11 Geography Quake City trip

Cheneen Whelpton —

In late August the year 11 geography students went on a field trip to Quake City, a museum in the city center about the devastating Canterbury 2010/2011 earthquakes.

As part of the Year 11's unit on Natural Disasters and the processes and consequences involved with them, 'Shake It Up,' the students went on a day trip to the Quake City museum. 

The 20/10/11 Canterbury earthquakes were devastating natural disasters that hit our city hard. Up to 100,000 buildings were damaged and about 10,000 buildings needed to be demolished. As well as this, tragically 185 people lost their lives.

The museum shares a vast array of information about the earthquakes themselves as well as informative interactive experiences that taught us the science behind earthquakes and liquefaction. However, unfortunately the highly praised liquefaction display was closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Students followed a path taking us all around the museum. They were particularly drawn to saved historical features on display, such as the bell from the destroyed Cathedral. Each significant remain was also accompanied by a small blurb explaining where it came from and what it was before the earthquakes.

Saved remains and informative blurbs were accompanied by a selection of videos such as news clips from the night of the earthquake. A particular student favourite was the mini theater set up, which played interviews from people who had tough experiences during the quakes.

The museum path ended with a small section about some positive consequences of the earthquakes, such as the whole house reuse project which raised a large sum of money for earthquake recovery operations.

Overall, the 2020 Quake City field strip was a great success, allowing students to gain a better understanding on the event for their upcoming exam. Best of luck to them all!