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Swimming - Burnside High School Swimming Sports

Mr Boyd —

This year's school Swimming Sports were held on Tuesday 13 February at the school pool. Thanks to the PE Dept, along with the Sports Council, who helped organise and run this event.

2018 Burnside High School Swimming Champions

YEAR 9 BOYS (Gardiner Cup) 1ST Mark Chang 9NDLN ,  2ND Oli Heaton 9SHKR, 3RD Oscar Baggaley 9SOSC

 YEAR 9 GIRLS (Clarks Rosebowl)

 1ST Catherine Porter 9SMGD, 2ND Jessica McMillan 9NPLC, 3RD Josiane Hill 9NPLC

YEAR 10 BOYS (Burnside Cup) 

1ST = Darius Porter 10SCRF, 1ST = Armaan Jahangiri 10WWDA , 3RD Tom Giddens 10NLRS

 YEAR 10 GIRLS (Reynolds Cup)

1ST Jade Vesty 10NREM,  2ND Rebecca Hurley 10SMRA, 3RD Hannah Ferguson 10WBET

YEAR 11 BOYS (GR Rough Cup)

1ST Sam Lyu 11WRDS , 2ND Peter Nichols 11SBUC, 3RD Thomas James 11SHGR

 YEAR 11 GIRLS (Burnside Cup)

 1ST Baileigh O’Sullivan 11WTAW,  2ND Ella Te Aho 11WTAW,  3RD Payton Anderson 11WWND

YEAR 12 BOYS (Ross Family Cup)

1ST Brayan Kamminga 12WCMJ, 2ND James Criglington 12SJJN , 3RD Robert Pryor 12NJYC

 YEAR 12 GIRLS (Ross Family Cup)

 1ST Amelia MacDonald 12NPNG, 2ND Tilly Heaton 12SBYS, 3RD Cassara Smith 12SHTR

YEAR 13 BOYS (Cliff Cup) 

1ST Louis Park 13GVK, 2ND Cameron Giddens 13NJF, 3RD Samuel Li 13SRT

 YEAR 13 GIRLS (Linda Robert Cup)

1ST Kayleigh Eade 13TKB, 2ND Hayley Khoo 13OLK, 3RD Bayley Anderson 13PZS


Year 9 1ST 9SOSC, 2ND 9NDLN, 3RD 9NPLC

 Year 10 1ST 10SCKF, 2ND 10NMSL,  3RD 10SPHC

 Year 11-13 Timed Final

 1ST Bigballerbrand, 2ND Lilys, 3RD Tsunami.

Prefect Final 

1ST North 

2ND West 

3RD South