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Maria Tucker —

Archery at Burnside High School has been a great success this year and continues to grow in popularity, with lunchtime and after school sessions provided by an outside coach, Maria Tucker.

Maria has many years’ experience both as an archer and as a coach. She has also represented New Zealand twice.

Archery at Burnside High School is run throughout the year during all four terms. All sessions are based around having fun and enjoyment whilst learning and improving the technique for the sport. Personal progress is made on an individual basis with continual coaching each session. This year has been very challenging and all students have done exceptionally well.

A number of students have also joined a local Archery club held on a Sunday, and have taken their Archery further.

A number of awards were achieved at the end of year, with the Tucker Trophy going to Eshan Lee, at the Sports Awards. Congratulations for all the hard work and progress.

Maria Tucker can be contacted by email: mc.archery@xtra.co.nz