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Debating 2022
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Debate; a yearly reflection

Rachel Heta —

Burnside High Debating has had a successful 2022 despite numerous setbacks.

BHS debating started the year with in - person debates, however that quickly changed to online zoom debates as Covid numbers rose in Canterbury. However, that did not stop our superstar debaters from participating and showing their skills. This year, after competing in the Open Regional competition, Jai Bartlett and Dilkee Nanayakkara were chosen for the Development Squad for the second year in a row, and then later in the year Sam Allan impressed the Canterbury Debate Society so much that he was also chosen. Sam’s success continued when he was awarded the Best Speaker of the Junior Regional competition and he and his team member, Katie Horton, won the whole competition. This is an impressive feat as they debated as a team of two when normally they would have a third team member. They then went on to earn a place in the Junior Final in the year-long Inter-school competition. Unfortunately they lost out to Cashmere High School in an incredibly high standard and close debate - being on the affirmative side of the motion ‘This House prefers a world where it is impossible to lie.' Although we didn’t take away the trophy for that one it did feel good to have two public schools in the final. 

As well as competitive debate we have also run tutorials and practices for students new to debate at BHS, some of whom will be going on to compete next year. 

Many of the debate escapades have been captured and shared via our Instagram page (@burnsidedebate) run by one of the Debate Leaders this year, Dilkee.