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Junior Strings
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Junior Strings

Bianca Amataiti —

The Burnside High School Junior Strings is an un-auditioned ensemble consisting of around forty classically-trained string students under the baton of Carlo Ballara and Anne Clarke.

This year, I was given the privilege of being the student conductor of the Junior Strings and I was able to enjoy performing alongside them at a selection of different concerts- the first of which was the North West Festival in June.

September proved to be an exciting experience for the Junior Strings. The students were able to participate in the Christchurch Orchestral Festival performing "Farewell to Stromness" by Maxwell Davies and the first movement of Gustav Holst's cheerful work "St. Paul's Suite" which featured a rendition of the traditional song "Greensleves." At the end of the Gala Concert, all participants came together to perform a specially commissioned work "Thermogenesis" by student composer Kodi Rasmussen.

November was a busy month for the Junior Strings which consisted of them travelling around Christchurch for a day to perform small concerts at three rest homes. -much to the delight of the residents. Later in the month, the Junior Strings performed Pablo Casals “Song of the Birds” featuring student soloist Benjamin Davey at the Burnside High School Junior Showcase.

Many thanks to Carlo Ballara and Anne Clarke for their patience and dedication that they have put into the Junior Strings this year.