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Technical Crew
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Tech Crew

Kaleb Allen —

This year has been one for long dry spells and then multiple events within the same week.

 The Tech Crew this year has performed and served the school admirably. We started off the year with a pleasing amount of new students wanting to join and learn the ways of the crew. They quickly became a happy part of the already existing crew and we formed a very large group of young enthusiastic technicians. This then made it very easy when running events throughout the year as we had many helping hands.

This year has had plenty of events scattered throughout it. With lunchtime events to Dance and Drama showcases, the Tech Crew were very busy organising and coordinating with leaders of the school and teachers. One of our big events that we held this year was the Benefit Concert to raise money for the victims of the Mosque attacks. This event was very successful and was enjoyed by many.

Other successful events for the crew included Year 12 and Year 13 drama assessments where we were required to provide different stages of lighting and sound cues to match each scene. Also event with similar requirements included the yearly Talent Quest and Dancing with the staff performances.

All round the Tech Crew has had a good year with lots of new recruits and successful events.

There is always one key aspect of a successful crew that without it would leave the crew in shambles. Mr Richard Wiltshire is a very big part of what the crew does, spending countless hours training and developing the skills of the crew and we are very thankful to have him as our leader.