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Photo by Sophie Madsen

World Vision Youth Conference

Sophie Madsen —

Inspiration, Passion, Social Justice and Empowerment.

On the 14th of March, 20 students from Burnside High, along with the Youth Workers, attended the 2018 World Vision Youth Conference. The conference was a great opportunity for Burnside’s World Vision committee to attend to be inspired and build on our own leadership skills.

The conference started with an activity based around thinking on the spot and how your own decisions affect others, the activity took a turn that was really interesting to be a part of.

Then we had Abe Nouk talk about his own experiences of being a Syrian refugee coming to New Zealand. It was really interesting to hear about how he lived in Syria and escaped the war there.

Afterwards, we had Chris Jupp share his experiences in turning his life around to help others; I think his talk was quite inspiring for a lot of people because it really hit home for some.

Finally, we had Chloe Swarbrick speak about how we, even as young people, can change the systems created by things like Government. Her talk was something that really spoke to everyone - she’s such a captivating speaker.

All together, the conference was a really fascinating way to expand our leadership knowledge for organising the 40 hour famine coming up in Term 2!