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Photo by Katerina Papageorgiou

Dance success 2019

Katerina Papageorgiou —

It has been a fantastic year for the Dance department with many successful stories worth mentioning.

1) Showbiz Christchurch: Congratulations to Conor Hill from Year 13 who was cast in this year's production of 'We Will Rock You'. Congratulations to Maya Gray from Year 12 and Earl Jr Segua from Year 11 who both got cast in the production of 'Miss Saigon'. All the above Dance students delivered compelling performances.

2) Royal Ballet Academy (London, UK): Nami Nitta and Kyoka Takahashi from Year 13 spend a few weeks in London this year training at the RBA. 

3) Dance NZ Made: Molly Brown (Year 9), Millie Lamond Aird and Holly Stryder (Year 10), and Meg Carter (Year 11) were crowned regional champions at the Dance NZ Made Interschool competition with their inspiring choreography 'Body Love' . Molly Brown came second in her category for her incredible solo dance. 

4)ShowQuest 2019: Congratulations to the Junior ShowQuest team who were crowned regional champions at this year's Showquest competition. Their powerful message of how important it is to have Creative Arts subjects in schools was delivered in an entertaining and inspiring way.

5)New Zealand Dance Awards: Molly Brown (Year 9) was awarded the prestigious title of New Zealand’s Top Dancer in the Intermediate age group with her lyrical dance. Her prize included free entry to the Showcase Nationals either in Christchurch, Perth or the Gold Coast and direct entry to Dancer of The Year and also free entry to the Kairos Dance Convention in Auckland in a weeks time and a $100 voucher for Paul Wright. Molly also won top overall score for her age group the week before at the Australian dance competition Evolution Dance that was held at Haeata Community Campus. The Top Team was from JK Performing Arts who Lily Grant  (Year 11) and Anna Kenworthy  (Year 12) both danced for. Nami Nitta, Kyoka Takahashi  (Year 13) and Ema Takahashi (Year 10) were in the ensemble dance group that placed First in the Contemporary troup category from Convergence Dance. Alyssa Tabley (Year 11) was awarded Second and Third in Tap and Thomas Pugh (Year 11) had a Second, Third and Fourth placing with his Tap dances. Open Hands Lyrical Troupe placed 1st and included Molly Brown, Millie Lamond-Aird and Holly Brixton. Sand Contemporary Troupe placed 1st and included Molly Brown, Millie Lamond Aird and Meg Carter. 'Bring it On' Musical Theatre troupe placed first and included Molly Brown, Millie Lamond Aird, Meg Carter and Holly Brixton. Molly and Millie were also part of a trio that won first place as well!

We are so proud of all of our students. Congratulations on an incredible year. Keep dancing!