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Photo by Steven Rodkiss

ANZAC Programming Competition Success

Steven Rodkiss —

Burnside High School students compete with the best in Australasia.

Five teams competed for Burnside in the ANZAC Programming contest on Saturday 27th of March this year. The contest saw the top programming students from University teams in Australia and New Zealand compete in an online event over seven grueling hours. This year our local event was hosted by the University of Canterbury.

In an amazing performance, Team 328, consisting of Grady Kenix, Misha Pavlov and Zoey Kenix came 3rd in New Zealand. This is out of more than sixty teams, most of which were made up of computer science and software engineering students studying at University.

A special mention also goes to Jacky Zhang, Matthew Mercer and Tim Fisher-Taylor who also answered 6 questions and ended in 5th place in New Zealand with their team Steve#. 

Thanks to all those students who took part in this extremely challenging competition. More competitions will be coming up soon, so if you are not involved in competitive programming yet, contact Mr Rodkiss in the Digital Technology Department to find out how to get involved.