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Ruth Knights —

This year was the first year Burnside High School has had a Powerlifting team. All students have achieved great results in this challenging sport, coached by Mrs Knights and Mr Hall.

Powerlifting involves three lifts; the squat, bench press, and deadlift, and lifters compete in classes according to weight and age to achieve the highest total across the three lifts. 

The Burnside team competed in two events in 2020; the Canterbury Champs and South Island Champs; both run by World Powerlifting New Zealand. At these events, many Burnside students placed first or second, all hit personal best goals and Cameron Pearce and Alfie Trafford broke New Zealand records; Alfie with a 185kg deadlift and Cameron with a 151kg squat, a 91kg bench and a 200kg deadlift. These are incredible results for such young lifters.

Mrs Knights