Hero photograph
Photo by Sandra Pooch

Gifted and talented Conference 2019

Sandra Pooch —

Burnside Year 9 students were excited to be part of this conference.

On August 12th, an ardent and enthusiastic group of twenty-four Year 9 students attended this year's Academy Conference, presented by Julie Arliss all the way from the UK, and held at St Andrew's College. They were challenged to cogitate how they would survive on Bear Grylls' Island if it was up to them to make the rules. What would make a rule fair or not? Then, after listening to John Stuart Mill's viewpoint on happiness, they worked in groups with students from other schools (from as far away as Wanaka) to delve into their own exegesis of 'What is happiness?' In depth discussions ensued and ideas were queried and challenged. We finished with a debate on "Should animals ever be culled?" and Ike Dukie 9NHDC, Amelia Goomes 9SME and Elle Ilkiw 9WSME presented their views on the subject in front of the audience with passion and substance.

An edifying day was had by all.