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Mt Lyford Ski Trip

Mount Lyford Ski Trip

Amelia MacDonald & Brooke Williams —

From the 20th to the 22nd of August both Year 12 Physical Education classes embarked on the Burnside High School annual trip to the Mount Lyford Ski Field, which when we arrived seemed more like Mount Everest

 The purpose of this trip was to improve our 2.4 internal results and to experience and apply risk management which is relevant to our 2.7 internal which came in very handy when 20 amature skiiers were trying to ‘rip it up on the slopes’. This year we were lucky enough to combine the classes instead of splitting them over two separate trips. We all loved the trip dearly and found it really beneficial to mix between the classes. As a result of the trip we formed great friendships with both students and teachers which we have found to enhance the performance of the class as we are now trusting and comfortable with each other. By the end it felt as though we had created a family.

Each day we would have compulsory lessons for about an hour, which incorporated all abilities from beginner to advanced, and then would have free roam for the rest of the day, during this time we were able to explore the mountain, race Mrs Sharapoff (the best skier on the mountain), or take a nap inside. This allowed up the chance to explore our skills on the ski field and to apply our risk management strategies practically so the teachers didn’t have to watch us like hawks. We were exposed first hand to the importance of risk management when we witnessed a serious injury to a member of the public. We then made aware of the consequences of not following risk management strategies, however we still continued to push ourselves but more cautiously.

On our final night we amused ourselves with a bad jersey competition, judged by the teachers in their own ‘ugly’ sweaters. This was successful because of how bad it was. The lodge was filled with laughter and ugly jerseys. Following this we even had Burnside’s first rap battle between two students which was one of the highlights of the trip. These students were definitely no Eminem Jr, it made minimal sense and lost pace several times but it created an eruption of laughter from students and teachers alike.

This was by far the most enjoyable trip we have been on over our time at Burnside High School. It challenged us in a fun, inviting way to push myself and to get out of my comfort zone. Even encountering what it was like to stay on a mountain in a day lodge was a great experience. The bonding time on and off the field is something we will always treasure and we now feel confident doing things out of our usual range of activities like skiing. A big thanks to everyone who made this possible.