Hero photograph
Photo by Bernadette Shaw


Showquest students —

ShowQuest was held on the 20th and 21st of May in the Christchurch Town Hall.

 ShowQuest is a new and improved Performing Arts competition, giving a chance to actors, musicians, dancers and designers from Primary and Secondary education to exhibit and celebrate their talent. 

Burnside High School took two teams to compete against a number of other schools in a showcase of dance, drama, music and art.

The junior team won 1st place! They also won a number of other awards including lighting, costume, drama, props and video wall. The Tikanga Award is given to the school who has the best team spirit and attitude towards the staff and other teams throughout the day so winning this was definitely a highlight. Lauren Smart from Year 12 was also awarded for her live singing skills.

The Junior theme was about the loss of The Arts, asking the audience to think about “What are we, who are we without The Arts?” and “What will you do to save the arts?” The Arts are a crucial part of our sense of self and are especially important to everyone competing so they wanted to highlight this through their performance. 

The Senior theme this year was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. In light of the many conspiracy theories that exist around the Moon Landing that question the validity of the event, the students were provoked to think and question the media in general. How accurate and true is the news we hear and read every day? Are there indeed any 'cover ups'? If so, what is the reason behind them and who pulls the strings? Congratulations to all students who were involved.