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Photo by Craig Rosengrave

Robotics in Digital Technologies Level 1 Electronics course

Katana Dunn —

The students from the Level 1 Electronics course created a robot for an online electronics business. The scenario was that the client needed a robot that can automatically navigate the warehouse floor to pick up and deliver the parcels at the correct station.

For the purpose of proving the concept they needed to be able to follow a line, stop at a pickup station, wait for the package to be added on their robot and continue to the delivery station (where the package will be removed) and their robot should return to the pickup station. An empty robot should have an indicator to show it is empty. For example, a green LED to show that it is ready for a load. They have been given dimensions for the packaging and the students can add extension capabilities such as not crashing into each other when multiple robots are on the floor or only stop at selected stations.

The students develop the Arduino-based robot in stages where they planned, developed and reviewed each stage before continuing to the next stage. In parallel with their practical outcome they kept a development log where they provided evidence of the process and understanding of the various components and systems they have used.

The assessment was very beneficial towards the students as it developed the basic fundamentals of electronics and it inspired the students to think outside the box of how they would approach the particular project.

By Zi long Wu, Jhetro Viloria, Aarya Advilkar and Bareera Rayeeda