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Webinar Recording: Omicron - Lessons from Australia

Business South —

On Monday, 28 February a webinar was held to help understand how major New Zealand organisations are working through Omicron, as well as lessons from the Australian experience.

Hosted by BusinessNZ, with support from the GM Safety Forum, HASANZ and the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, you will hear from Dr. Ian Norton (Managing Director of Respond Global), based in Australia. Dr. Norton was the head of WHO’s Emergency Medical Team Initiative from 2014-20 and led responses to Ebola, Diphtheria and Measles outbreaks, as well as other natural disasters. He is now focused on empowering others to be able to plan, prepare and respond to health emergencies in their own countries.

Dr. Norton was joined by the Chief Health and Safety Officer at Fletcher Builder, Wendi Croft; and Air New Zealand’s General Manager of People, Safety and Aviation Medicine Darren Evans who talked through how their organisations prepared for the Omicron wave, and how they’re managing now.

The webinar also focused on:

  • Covid controls – what do we need to change and what can we keep as we manage a large Omicron wave.
  • What is the critical focus to address in this new context?
  • The GM Safety Forum’s new resource Living with Covid Principles – designed to support all New Zealand businesses.

Watch the webinar recording here. 

Please use Access Code: Covidwebinar28February!

Please also find attached to the bottom of this article an information sheet that provides top tactics for organisations, business leaders and directors to deploy for entering the Government’s Phase Three of the Omicron response.