Hero photograph
Photo by Nicola Wong

Diocesan Prayers

Diocese of Dunedin —

If you know of anyone who would like their name to be included in this space, please contact registrar@calledsouth.org.nz

Please keep the following people and their families in your prayers:

Pauline Johnson

Margaret McLanachan

Christina Silkstone

Frances White and  family

Liz Duggan

Claire Christie 

Kathy Vidal

Val Davidson

A prayer for our Diocese

O Lord, who has not stopped forming us
since the hour of our beginning;

Who has come among us to save us from ourselves
and to teach us to love;

Who dwells beside us and within us
and below us and above us,

Give us the grace to think again.
May we know the joy of true discipleship;

May our relationships with you
and with each other
be real and deep;

May we have the courage to give our best for the least.
In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.