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Connecting Faith: Synod 2020
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Synod 2020 Essential Information

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All you need to know and links to essential documents for the continuation of Synod taking place on Saturday 14 November 2020 being held at St Matthew's Church, Hope Street Dunedin. Please note: If we move from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 2 or above, this Synod will be held virtually using Zoom.

Webpage: https://www.calledsouth.org.nz/synod-2020/

This is the best way to access the most important information about Synod.


14 November 2020: Second Day of the First Session of the 61st Synod: Selwyn College  - Te Maru Pumanawa

Synod will convene on Saturday 14 November 2 September at 10.30 am at St Matthew's Church Dunedin with morning devotions. Registration will be open from 10 am. All the information you need is noted in the Documentation for Synod section. 

We are working towards live streaming Synod via our Facebook page, so you can view proceedings there as well. Please note, you Synod reps must attend in person, unless due to Alert level changes we are required to move onto a virtual platform.  


Standing Orders - rules that run how Synod operates:

(Revised) Standing Orders for 61st Synod (these replacement Standing Orders give information about how we will handle revised processes for this Synod.


Documentation for Synod

Links to documents follow (these are also available on our website):

Tip: if you go to the Index of each part of the Synod book and Ctrl + click on information you want to go to, this will take you there without having to scroll through all the pages. 

Memo with Synod Papers (20 August 2020)


Attendance - Leave of Absence

All Synod reps are expected to attend this session of Synod. If you are unable to attend, email the Bishop via his Executive Assistant, Nicola Wong with Request Synod Leave of Absence in the subject line, or phone 03 488 0826. 

  • A reminder that the Guide to Synod is useful to have a look at, especially for newer Synod members.
  • Also, check out the 2019 Yearbook which contains a record of the proceedings from Synod 2019.

If you have any questions please contact the Diocesan Office: registrar@calledsouth.org.nz or phone 03-488-0821