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Synod and Diocesan Council 2019
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Synod 2020 Essential Information

Andrew Metcalfe —

Updated versions of the Standing Resolutions and Statutes are available via our website. Hard copies can also be sent to Synod reps who request this. Please contact the Registrar by next Friday 31 January 2020 to request a copy. Copies will be sent to those who request them with the paperwork for the Selwyn Special Synod.

Parish and Local Church Return Forms were posted out in December and these are available electronically below. 

2020 will see two Synods taking place, a Special Synod dealing with Selwyn College on 2 May (which will include synod reps appointed at Parish AGMs over the next few weeks), as well as the 1st Session of the 61st Synod held from 11-13 September 2020. This latest update includes catering form and a poll to enable you to opt out of receiving a hard copy of the September Synod book. Please don't return anything to us until your AGM has confirmed your Synod reps.

Parish and Local Church Returns

Have a look in the attachments below for the memo to parishes about AGMs. This year all of the returns required are contained in one document: Members of Governing Bodies 2020 and Annual Returns 2019. This includes Members of Governing Bodies (Vestries) Annual Return and Declarations, Annual Statistics, Employees and Volunteers return.

May Synod

This is a Special Meeting (Session) of Synod regarding Selwyn College - details to be confirmed including associated paperwork. 

11-13 September 2020 Synod

Synod will convene on Friday 11 September at 7.00 pm with the Synod Eucharist (St Matthew's Dunedin, this venue to be confirmed). (Clergy are not robing for this service).

Synod will reconvene Saturday 12 September at 8.30am (St Matthew's Dunedin, this venue to be confirmed) and will conclude no later than midday on Sunday 13 September.

Lay representatives to Diocesan Synod are elected on a two year cycle with new representatives being elected at Parish/Local Church AGMs in 2020. 

Key dates to be aware of:

  • Beginning of June - request for reports (for Synod book) and mail out to Synod reps (catering forms and if only require Synod book electronically, accommodation options)
  • 23 July - last day to submit any Bills to the Registrar (50 days before Synod)
  • 30 July - Bills (and Motions printed in the Synod book) submitted to the Committee on Statutes and Standing Orders (43 days before Synod)
  • 14 August - Bills and Motions returned to the Registrar (28 days before Synod)
  • 16 August - last day to complete Doodle poll if you want the Synod Book electronically only.
  • 17 August - Synod book taken to the printers
  • 20 August - Synod books and other paperwork posted out plus available on-line (21 days before Synod)

The Synod Book - in progress, see time frames above. Tip: if you go to the Index of the Synod book and Ctrl + click on information you want to go to, this will take you there without having to scroll through all the pages. We are looking to have an "opt out" option is you are happy to have the Synod book in an electronic format only, please complete the following Doodle Poll by 16 August to let us know. 

Catering - please see below. These need to be back in the office by Tuesday 25 August 2020

Pre-Synod Archdeaconry meetings for all Lay and Clergy reps: Details to be confirmed. 

A reminder that the Guide to Synod is useful to have a look at.

Also, check out the 2019 Yearbook which contains a record of the proceedings from Synod 2019.

If you have any questions please contact the Diocesan Office: registrar@calledsouth.org.nz or phone 03 - 488-0821