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New Website

Our New Website has arrived

Andrew Metcalfe —

Have a look at our new website - same address but hopefully easier to navigate. We are now able to get into the site and make changes/alterations - if you spot anything that is not right, get in touch with us...

Access the website at: http://www.calledsouth.org.nz/ 

It is less complicated than the last one, and we can change-improve anything if you get in touch. We hope to add more content over the next few weeks, including more contact details for churches and parishes. 

The News page contains live feeds from our Facebook site, links to the Diary in Diocesan News and other important information. There is also a sign up page for anyone wanting to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 

For General website feedback and suggestions, contact Andrew Metcalfe or Nicola Wong

For anything to do with our Education and Ministry resources, contact John Graveston.

Happy surfing!