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Dunedin Consultation: Cathedral-Balclutha, Caversham (rear), St Matthews and Duneidn North (middle), Roslyn (front).
Photo by Andrew Metcalfe

Diocesan Property Consultation 2020

Andrew Metcalfe —

We are running workshops to help develop a more strategic way of thinking about how we use our property assets to advance God's kingdom.The first one took place in Dunedin on 18 February. Remaining ones are open to Clergy and Lay Synod reps as well as Parish Wardens, with substitute places available Vestry members...

Workshops organised to date

  • Archdeaconry of Central Otago, Tuesday 26 May 2020, St Andrew's Church, 41 Blyth Street, Cromwell from 10 am. CANCELLED - new dates to be confirmed.
  • Archdeaconry of Southland, Saturday 4 April 2020 9 - 11am after Prayer breakfast @ Holy Trinity Invercargill. CANCELLED - new dates to be confirmed.
  • Archdeaconry of Oamaru-East Otago: Dates to be confirmed.

Bring yourself and a ballpoint pen to any workshop.

Dunedin Consultation: Caversham, Otago Peninsular (and rear views of Dunedin North-Roslyn) — Image by: Nicola Wong
Dunedin Consultation: Dunedin North-Cathedral, Southern Coastal Deanery, Taieri. — Image by: Andrew Metcalfe

Why are we doing this?

The Diocesan Council has been becoming increasingly caught up in property matters but without having an agreed pathway for how to handle many situations apart from what is set out in Statute 3.

In the Synod held in 2019, the following motion was carried: That this Synod affirms the Diocesan Council intention to undergo a consultation process around the sale or other use of properties, buildings and other assets within the context of future mission within the Diocese.

This series of workshops throughout the Diocese this year that will take place in archdeaconry groupings. They are open to Clergy and Lay Synod reps as well as Parish Wardens, with substitute places available to any Vestry members who have an interest or contribution to make around this property discussion. 

What do I need to do to prepare?

The information attached below provides pre-reading for the workshops. If you have any trouble accessing or downloading any of the resources below or want a hard copy of various papers sent to you, please contact us by clicking this link, or email the Registrar with “Property Resources” in your subject line.

During the workshop, the following questions will be looked at in small (parish or communities of interest) groups, and you may find it useful to reflect on these before the workshop:

  • What are the particular dynamics you have around properties entrusted to you? (see pages 2-5  of the Diocese of Dunedin Strategic Property Strategy Consultation Paper 2020)
  • In your setting, what is the most important consideration when thinking about property and how it can aid your ministry in the future? (think of this in terms of where you think your Parish might be at in 10-20 years time)
  • What is your take on the Strategic Property Criteria? Anything not quite right? Anything missing? (see pages 7-8 of the Diocese of Dunedin Strategic Property Strategy Consultation Paper 2020)
  • If you were to rank in order of importance the suggested Strategic Property Criteria, what would this be? (individual exercise)
  • What weight would you give to each criteria? (each person will be given 20 dots to "spend" as they want by placing these next to each criteria displayed in the room). 
People and Places in the Diocese, 2018-19 — Image by: Andrew Metcalfe

After the workshops, the combined feedback will be collated and given back to Diocesan Council for consideration. We hope at the end of this process to have some information that will assist the Diocesan Council and Faith Communities in their decision making around property, with the potential for motions/bills related to property to be taken to a future Synod.

Please continue to hold this process in your prayers.