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Connecting with Aroha
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From Bishop Steven

Bishop Steven Benford —

A message from Bishop Steven and an opportunity to join him in Morning Prayer each week, Tuesdays - Sundays. Please read on for details.

Dear Diocesan family

I want to thank you all for how you are loving and caring for each other in the face of  these challenging weeks ahead. We are all being asked to put in place new ways of keeping in touch and supporting each other. 

The Diocesan office is also very busy  trying to get ready for a new reality. We're working from home and are still available to be contacted. Email is the preferred way of contacting us in the first instance. Please tell us if you want us to phone you back and we will. The nature of situation is that we might not be able to get to your phone message straight away, but we will do as soon as we can.

Contact details are on our website here.

As a Diocesan wide Church family, our faith communities are establishing links household to household. I encourage you to focus on keeping in touch and supporting each other by phone, text  or email; knowing what needs there are in our community, praying for them and the country and world; and loving each other. One way to do this is to join me for Morning Prayer by Zoom every Tuesday - Sunday at 9am. Please use this link 


Meeting ID: 815 861 438

I will keep in regular touch over these coming days and weeks.

With my love and prayers