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School Benchmark Calculator.


We are excited to announce we have a new online tool that can be used to measure your schools financial performance against other schools. The first of its kind in New Zealand!

The calculator allows schools around New Zealand to select their decile and school roll benchmarks and the calculator will provide a report how other schools around New Zealand are performing in that demographic.

The 5 financial reporting categories are:

1.  Net Local Funding per Student

2.  Fixed Assets per student

3.  Number of Months’ Expenditure Held in Working Capital

4.  Teaching Salaries per student

5.  Overall School Expenses per student

The report will provide the average for the decile and the roll category as well as insights into the highest and lowest demographic performer in each.

There will be a simple enquiry form in the calculator that will allow schools to submit a request for assistance.

📞  For more information give Yasmin a call on (03) 3384444.