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2020 School Budgets and School Year End

Wayne Jamieson —

Important information regarding your 2020 budgets and 2019 year end.

2020 Budgets

The 2020 budgets will be getting approval by Board of Trustees in the coming weeks (if not already done so). As these budgets are approved, please could you send a copy to your CES contact with this confirmation. We can then use this in our monthly reports for 2020.

2019 Year End 

Further, just a quick reminder to schools who are yet to send their 2019 year end information to us. Please could you send the requested information through to us to avoid any problems meeting deadlines with auditors and the Ministry of Education. The Notional Lease and Novopay year end data should be available to you shortly. As this information is received, please could you forward to your Client Finance Manager.

📞 Contact Yasmin on (03) 338444