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Canterbury Education Services.  
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Why CES? 

Canterbury Education Services —

Canterbury Education Services (CES) is a leading provider of educational services for the past 25 years. But why choose CES? 

Who better to ask than our customers.  When we asked our customers, this is what they told us:   

  • CES has a comprehensive understanding on how school finances work.

  • CES staff have the skills and depth of expertise in the education financial environment to save us time and ensure that we have accurate information.  

  • CES produces a detailed, accurate and professional reporting and analysis on where my school sits financially each month - peace of mind that we're tracking ok.  

  • CES is a school owned cooperative, they understand schools,  how they operate and their services are cost effective particularly when measured against true in-house costs.

  • CES use the latest technology to provide not only comprehensive reporting but also benchmarking reporting on how our school’s expenditure aligns with other schools.  This is valuable for school management and the Board.

We are thrilled to hear these positive endorsements on the services we provide.    Want to know more then get in touch with your CES representative.

CES is a school-owned organisation specialising in the provision of goods and services to the education sector. For more information about the services we provide please visit our website www.cessl.org.nz, call us free on 0800 205 267 or drop us an email at info@cessl.org.nz.