by CES

Mid-term Elections 2020.

CES has always been a front runner in the Board Elections process but now we are pioneering with a new online School Elections Manager. This fabulous tool will be available to all schools for the mid-term process later in the year.

We have made some improvements and adapted the portal.  Wayne explains:

We utilised our portal in last years tri-annual elections which allowed candidates to complete an online registration process to register their candidate details, including a BIO and photograph.

We will be making further improvements to the portal which will improve the overall election process for both candidates and your school.

We are thrilled to be leading the way making it easier for schools to promote and simplify the elections process.

CES is a safe pair of hands and now with our online portal, we are making it even better.

Head over to the School Elections Manager Website for more information.

  Contact Wayne on 0800205267 or email if you'd like to hear more.