by CES

CES Shindig 2020.

Our annual breakfast for our clients will be on Thursday 22nd October at the Showgate Lounge and we look forward to seeing our customers there.

Our guest speaker is the very fab Lydia Bradey- Everest Climber, Adventurer, and all-round interesting person. Lydia recently was awarded the NZ Order of Merit for Mountaineering.  

From a background of being the worst in sports at school and avoiding all sports-days, Lydia has developed a profession of excellence based in extreme physical environments. 

Passionate about the maximising the processes involved in big projects such as climbing Everest, Lydia believes qualities such as resilience, grit, and self-belief in overcoming challenges are concepts as equally at home in the office as on the rock face.

This promises to be a fascinating morning with an amazing person who has achieved much in her life. 

For any further information contact Wayne on:

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